The Sophea concept is totally inspired by my love for Korean Pop Culture.


Authors note: I grew up in a Caucasian-Asian household and I wanted to create a place where both cultures combine...also I wanted to make up my own rules so I made up my own country/world. Though it is a made up country, the stories are easily relatable to present time. This series is a mixture of Western and Asian culture.

Ship at Night

National Information

Capital: Sying
Population: 60 Million
Current Monarch: Queen Asani
Language: Sophean
National Flower: Lotus
National Animal: Frog

St. Fiacre
Ancient Emerald City
Dawn City and He-An Palace
Coastal Beach Towns/Cities
Mordean Mountain and Forest
Deity Shrines all around Mordean Forest

Sophean Flag.jpg
Sophean Zoomed.jpg
Mountainous Landscape by the Sea

History of Sophea

Founded by Emperor Sop He-Ah in 813, Sophea has avoided occupation and colonization since it's establishment due to its' unparalleled unification. Considered to be one of the most diverse country in the world, Sophea is a melting pot of culture that embraces ancient traditions and modern ideals. 
Wooden Architecture


  • Common Languages: Sophean, English, Korean, Mandarin
  • Spiritual Practice: 95% Heanim (Hee-ya-nim), 5% Others
  • Heanim believes in multiple deities and shrines are located all around the Mordean Mountain/Forest.
  • Flag: the lotus flower symbolizes the purity of heart and mind, and represents long life, health, honor, and good luck; the color blue represents UNITY of the people; the color green represents LIFE; the color red represent LOVE for each other; the color yellow represents HAPPINESS; the color white represents PEACE.
  • Typical full name: Given name, Mother’s Surname, Father’s Surname
  • Wives do not need to take husbands name, they can if they want.
  • Public school (grades 1-12) is free and a requirement for all children.
  • Grades 1-6 Age: 8/9-13/14
  • Grades 7-9 Age: 14/15-16/17
  • Grades 10-12 Age: 17/18-19/20
  • Collage Grade Age Starts: 19/20+
Oxygen Cities

Cultural Appropriation

Oxford English Dictionary defines “Cultural Appropriation” as the unacknowledged or inappropriate adaptation of the practices, customs, or aesthetics of one social or ethnic group by members of another (typically dominant) community or society.

I would like to note that I am not Korean, and grew up in a Filipino/Chinese/Caucasian household. I am in no way an expert in the Korean culture. This is a
simplified explanation of these terms for the story and should not be taken as a guideline or expert advice regarding the Korean culture. The Idol culture (and fandom culture) refers to entertainers who are marketed for their image, talent, and persona(lity). K-pop (South Korean Pop) is an example (and probably the most popular) of idol cultures and this series is greatly influenced by South Korean pop culture.

In a professional environment, people are addressed by their titles (i.e. Manager Carla, Supervisor Steve). To simplify the story, I will use the English translation instead of the term titles, these are common in many Asian culture where seniority and addressing elders are important part of the culture.
  • Senior addresses a senior (older/veteran/more experience) in the work industry or school grade.
  • Junior addresses a junior (younger/less experience) in the work industry or school grade.​

Since this series is greatly influenced by my love for Korean pop culture, I will be using some Korean honorifics. Addressing someone in the person's age group/generation; it doesn't mean that they are actually related, it is an (informal) respectful way to address a person who is older (not too much older) than you; not used in a professional environment/conversation; it indicates an older (not too much older) friend or a romantic interest:
  • Oppa meaning 'older brother' when addressed by a female speaker.
  • Unnie meaning 'older sister' when addressed by a female speaker.
  • Hyung meaning 'older brother' when addressed by a male speaker.
  • Noona meaning 'older sister' when addressed by a male speaker.​
  • More information can be found here: https://www.90daykorean.com/oppa-hyung-noona-unnie
Important KPop/Idol Terms: 
  • Maknae the youngest member of the band.
  • More information/positions can be found on this super helpful website: KProfiles.com

Sophea is a mixture of Western and Asian culture because this is what I grew up in. My family is a mix of Caucasian and Asian ethnicity, and I grew up enjoying both cultures. Sophea (named after me lol) was created based on my world. My world consists of the American/Western society concept of coexisting, diversity, freedom, etc. and Asian ideals, traditions, arts, and lifestyle. I love the individualism that Americans has and Asians traditions. I created a fictional world of what I know, love, and appreciate.
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